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ZeonAI helps you get fast, precise and contextual insights from your documents, videos and other digital contents.


Percentage of all enterprise knowledge content that is unstructured


Average time spent by a knowledge worker for information search and retrieval

$12 bn

Annual loss in Fortune 500 companies for ineffective info retrieval and rework

Opportunity cost due to lost sales, customer churn, poor decisions and rework

Let knowledge empower you, not overwhelm you!

Our AI powered knowledge discovery solutions help enterprises retrieve essential information and realize insightful knowledge from their large content repositories.

Rapid, accurate and timely information retrieval can help knowledge-based organizations save 30% of their cost and up to 50% of employees’ workload thereby enhancing knowledge worker utilization, mitigating compliance based risks, enhancing user experience and uncovering new opportunities.


Products & Services


DeepDelve  - Intelligent Q&A and Search

DeepDelve  - Intelligent Q&A and Search

State of the art Question & Answering and summarisation solution for precise and contextual answers based on your enterprise documents and questions in natural language.

Contextual Q&A

Search Filters

Multi-Format Documents

Auto Completion

Knowledge Collaboration

Voice Search

Continuous Learning

Robust & Scalable

Products & Services

IntelliFAQ - Contextual FAQs and Search

Transform your customer's experience with our FAQ search solution by providing the right answers based on the context of the question rather than the key words in the question.

Fast & Contextual

Auto Recommendation

Admin Console

Continuous Learning

Analytics Dashboard

Expert Identification

Client UX

Easy to Integrate

IntelliFAQ - Contextual FAQs and Search
AI/ML Custom Solutions

AI/ML Custom Solutions

We have deep expertise in assessing AI/ML use cases and tailoring solutions to suit your Organisation's needs. We specialise in AI powered enterprise search and discovery.

Industry Use Cases

AI/ML Custom Solutions

Legal eDiscovery & Repository Management

AI driven legal ediscovery and contextual search solution

Sophisticated contextual search of documents, audio and video content

Advanced collaboration, review and workflow options

Case level access control for team members

Keep track of all your cases through an interactive dashboard

Easy integration with Document systems like One Drive, Google Drive etc.


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