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Demand Forecasting

One of the largest supply chain players in the North America region leveraged our Advanced Demand Forecasting solution to optimize the distribution of product categories across Distribution centers

demand forecast
Business Problem

Optimization of Demand forecasting for thousands of SKUs spread across multiple perishable and non-perishable food categories

Our Solution

Our advanced Demand Forecasting solution factored in hundreds of influencing factors in a continuous learning model to predict accurately at product/store/day level

Value Addition

More than 98% forecasting was realised with improvement in out of stock mitigation by 10% and inventory wastage by 15%

Recommendation System

Our NLP Powered Search and Recommendation System enhances user engagement through user profile and behaviour personalization

personalized recommendation
Business Problem

Addressing customer churn, revenue leakage and improving customer engagement in retail space

Our Solution

Advanced Search and Recommendation system built on recent AI modeling techniques. It takes into account user behavior across transactions and clicks with a seamless ability to scale and adapt

Value Addition

Jump in Sales conversion rate and return customer rate by 8% with improved CTR and NPS. Improved customer engagement ad average transaction value through personalized cross-selling and up-selling messages

Applicant Tracking & Resume Matching

A leading HR Sourcing company in India used our State of the Art Applicant Tracking and Resume matching solution to improve JD and profile matching fitment

reesume matching
Business Problem

Keyword based resume matching solutions often miss out on relevant candidatures thereby impacting the overall quality of recruitment and rehire drives

Our Solution

Our resume-matching solution is a step from existing keyword-based solutions equipped with industry-leading contextual search, advanced preprocessor, and automatic entity extractors

Value Addition

30% Increase in relevant profile and JD matching for recruiters with improve candidate ranking and selection

Education Suite for E-Learning

One of the leading Online E-Learning Players in Government Competitive Exams space are using our advanced NLP Powered Education Suite for content search and generation

Business Problem

More than 70% of educational content is unstructured and originate from diverse sources making accurate and timely information retrieval a time consuming and labour intensive endeavour

Our Solution

We developed an integrated AI-powered E-Learning suite with contextual knowledge discovery from documents and video content. Our Automatic Question Generator solution generates thousands of questions in a few minutes from eBooks, handwritten notes, and videos

Value Addition

The efficiency gain of more than 30% for teachers through automation of content and question generation and test preparation. Supports multiple document formats with advanced search filters and zero-shot deployment

NLP Powered Stock and Crypto Platform

We have built AI Powered Market Outlook platform for One of the leading Crowd Sourcing based Predictions Platform in India

Business Problem

To automate real-time parsing and calculation of stock and crypto prices as well as technicals from multiple sources for market outlook prediction

Our Solution

Our AI-powered automated parsing and aggregation solution has helped collate market and technical data from multiple sources. Built using advanced forecasting techniques, our solution derives real-time market outlook for stocks and crypto to provide investors a competitive edge in their investment decisions

Value Addition

Helped realize the scaling of the market outlook platform for thousands of stock and crypto entities with daily real-time outlook updates. Productivity gain of more than 25-30% with multifold scaling of stocks and crypto coverage

Market Basket and Cohort Analysis Solution

ML Powered solution to analyse the purchasing patterns of customers with associations across product categories and customer segments

Business Problem

To assess the customer purchasing patterns for streamlining engagement and promotion models

Our Solution

We use advanced data exploration and modeling techniques to identify profitable and potentially profitable customer segments. Our solution deep dives  into associations across product categories and customer segments to unlock purchasing patterns of customers

Value Addition

Enhanced the streamlining of content placement and engagement messages across multiple channels with reduction in customer churn rate by more than 8% and increase in  repeat purchases by more than 10%


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