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Knowledge Discovery in Legal Space

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Being able to find the right information that you want and most importantly when you need it. It’s all about timing”. The aforementioned statement is a microcosm of what everyone aspires for in the legal community.

Legal system is a knowledge intensive set up where lawyers, judges, policy advocates and legal cells of organisations relentlessly peruse and refer to multiple legal documents for retrieving relevant case matters, supplementing research work and gaining key citations to strengthen their case strategy. What makes this rigorous exercise even more arduous is the multitude of practice areas and legal matters at stake along with heavy caseloads to be attended to.

Legal services span across numerous areas ranging from civil law, criminal justice, corporate transactions, contracts and agreements, regulations and policies, arbitrations etc. While preparing the case matter, following impediments are faced by knowledge workers in legal space:

  • Digging into a plethora of legal documents to filter the required information

  • Criticality of missing out on key insights and citations

  • Inability to easily identify and re-use prior work precedents resulting in operational costs and efficiency reduction

  • Decision making in legal space requires context at various scales like knowledge of historical decisions, awareness of applicable case laws and information of nuances of case in hand. Dearth of contextual search solutions that can unlock actionable insights and appropriate citations lead to a lot of manual search efforts with likelihood of misses and errors

A Contextual Knowledge Discovery Solution will act as a one-stop all encompassing knowledge hub enabling fast and accurate information retrieval as part of the groundwork needed to formulate case strategy. An intuitive knowledge discovery solution will act as an enabler in each of the following stages of a legal process

Let us have a look at one of the legal scenarios below where knowledge discovery becomes such a key enabler

Legal Case: XYZ Ltd. Is a construction company that has had to face project delays because of delay in supply of raw materials (with respect to terms in contract) from their contracted suppliers. They are looking for legal advice and willing to pursue legal course of action to claim for remedies/compensation on account of delay in supplies.

The litigation workflow in this case would comprise of the following set of activities

As we see above, each of the touchpoints mentioned warrants deep dive into multiple legal documents for relevant information retrieval. In order to formulate a sound case strategy, a lot of knowledge intensive groundwork is required in terms of perusing through prior judgements, applicable case laws, key clauses and citations that will eventually increase the likelihood of the judgement in favor of XYZ Ltd.

We believe being empowered by a unified semantic based knowledge discovery solution can elevate the huge repository of documents from a static historical archive to a dynamic information source. Hence knowledge enterprises like legal firms and legal cells of organisations will benefit considerably from an easy to use, fast and contextual knowledge discovery solution. Following is an illustration of the multi-fold gains that they could unlock out of an empowering information retrieval system.

At ZeonAI Labs, we believe in harnessing the power of AI and State of the Art NLP models to tap key ingredients and actionable insights from vast knowledge contents. Our flagship products DeepDelve and IntelliFAQ help knowledge intensive enterprises unlock contextual and on-point information from document repositories.

To know more about us and our products, please visit us at

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