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eDiscovery software with the most advanced Legal contextual search

Making Knowledge Discovery effortless - get better results with advanced AI. We help you get fast, precise and contextual insights from your documents, videos and other digital content.

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Average upload time

Average cull rate

8 min
Average Download time

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  • Multi-format documents supported: PDFs, Scanned PDFs, mS Docs, PPTs, Images like JPG, PNG, etc.

  • In-built OCR capability: Ability to search in images and scanned documents

  • Case Management: organize, assign, review, collaborate, and track case matters smoothly

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Search contextually & effortlessly through hundreds of documents

  • Search precise answers to your questions with the context-based AI-enabled search

  • Get a Relevance % with all the search results 

  • Search for the right content easily & quickly as you search on Google

  • Filter Documents by Court type, Party type, document type & more


Document DeepDive (Document level features)

  • Tag, review, and redact documents smoothly

  • Add notes, comments, redactions, and much more while working on a document

  • View Document summary and essential information like Court, Judge, Citations, etc.,

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Download & Seamless collaboration

  • Share docs in any format and with any metadata

  • Share docs directly & securely with other parties

  • Collaborate and share notes/discoveries across teams 

  • Restricted Access: to ensure the security of the critical documents and files

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  • The power of Parallel Search, our legal research engine that helps you to instantly find relevant case law by simply typing your argument in a sentence

  • Our newest technology, AllSearch, a concept-based document search tool that streamlines ediscovery, case management, and more

  • All-inclusive access to primary and secondary legal resources, from cases and statutes to high-quality practice guides 

  • CARA A.I., our legal document analyzer that instantly finds relevant law for briefs & more


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